Who Knew: New Onset Diabetes Precedes Symptomatic Pancreatic Cancer

Twenty percent of the time, the first presenting symptom of pancreatic cancer is new onset diabetes, a recent study of primary care charts showed.

Homemade Oral Rehydration Fluids

If you don’t want to drink a commercial rehydration product with lots of dyes and sugar, either use a packet of commercial rehydration salts or use these resources to make ...

Tips on Getting the Most Out of Your Farmer’s Market

Summer is the best season for buying at farmer’s markets- the variety of fruits and vegetables is at its peak. But with so much variety, how can you get the ...


One Pill per Day Could Keep the Doctor Away: Multivitamins Prevent Cancer in Men

The only randomized controlled trial of a complete multivitamin has just been ...

High Water Content Foods

Up to 20% of the fluid intake in the diet comes from ...

Our First Podcast, Featuring UCLAs Ping Ho

Our first podcast explores the intersection of healing and the arts, featuring ...

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More Summer Farmer’s Market Recipes

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Men and Reducing Cancer Risk

If all Amer­i­can men achieved a healthy weight, it would pre­vent almost 30,000 cases of can­cer per year.

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Michael Pollan: Cooking Can Change Your Life

Lis­ten to the renowned Michael Pol­lan speak about the tremen­dous power of cooking.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing a Sunscreen

Not All Sun­screens Are Cre­ated Equal.

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Ellen Rudolph on Affordable Acupuncture

If you thought you couldn’t afford acupunc­ture, try Com­mu­nity Acupuncture.

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