Men and Reducing Cancer Risk

If all American men achieved a healthy weight, it would prevent almost 30,000 cases of cancer per year.

Michael Pollan: Cooking Can Change Your Life

Listen to the renowned Michael Pollan speak about the tremendous power of cooking.


Our First Podcast, Featuring UCLAs Ping Ho

Our first podcast explores the intersection of healing and the arts, featuring ...

Put a Plant in It!: Using Houseplants to Detoxify Indoor Air

Since most of us spend up to 90% of our time indoors, ...

Fish Oil Protects White Blood Cells During Chemotherapy

Decreased white blood cell (WBC) level is a common side effect of ...

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Ellen Rudolph on Affordable Acupuncture

If you thought you couldn’t afford acupunc­ture, try Com­mu­nity Acupuncture.

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Cancer and the Environment: What’s the Link?

Here are some resources that can help make sense of the com­pli­cated con­nec­tions between can­cer and the environment.

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What Does the Environment Have to Do with My Health?

The Roman poet Junvinal famously said, “A healthy mind in a healthy body.” Our busi­ness on Earth Day is to focus on a healthy pop­u­la­tion in a healthy environment.

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Creative Arts Enhance Well-being

A recent review of 27 stud­ies involv­ing almost 1,600 patients demon­strated clear ben­e­fits for can­cer patients using cre­ative arts therapies.

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Why I Like It: Natural Home Cleaning

Many nat­ural home clean­ing prod­ucts work as well or bet­ter than their com­mer­cial coun­ter­parts, with sig­nif­i­cantly less expo­sure to poten­tially toxic chem­i­cals and additives.

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